My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at Heavy Feather Review

A new review of My Pet Serial Killer was published today at Heavy Feather Review and it’s got some really humorous lines. We’re talking really playful. Cassandra Gillig did a great job reacting to the gore and the transgressive qualities of the novel with lighthearted humor.

I’ve quoted a few:

“But Seidlinger is not overcome by an urge to pander to the cliches of genre fiction; he is a literary man.”

“So yes, every single grad student is crazy and plotting your death! They are still mad about their GRE scores! They will never stop being mad about job placement! Don’t trust them! (Thankfully most grad students do not possess more physical strength than the ability to lift a small crate of oranges.)”

“Seidlinger’s work shows a steady fascination with the arduous yet too human task of composing and managing the public manifestation of one’s private life.”

“Clearly such a realistic portrait of a serial killer couldn’t be penned by someone who hasn’t killed. If you see Michael J Seidlinger at AWP or something, be very very cautious; he has killed before and he will kill again.”

For the full review, click here. It’s a fun one!

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