My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at ChiZine’s Chiaroscuro

My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at ChiZine’s Chiaroscuro

Gabino Iglesias reviewed My Pet Serial Killer and had quite a bit of really good (really flattering) things to say about the book. Here are some of my favorite lines from the review:

With My Pet Serial Killer, Seidlinger has once again brought to the table the elements that make his work so enjoyable and then taken a step further: he’s reinvented the serial killer thriller.

A strange relationship blossoms and, although it’s clear who the killer is, soon dependency, obsession, and psychological punishment blur the line between victim and aggressor. Claire has what she wants and provides the killer, whose work gets noticed and earns him the name the Gentleman Killer, with what he needs.

My Pet Serial Killer walks the line between a thriller and a horror novel.

Social critique and the taste of human flesh seldom mixes together as well as they do in My Pet Serial Killer. Michael J. Seidlinger has a knack for revamping genres, and this book is entertaining proof of that.

Also, the book is available now for purchase here, here, or here

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