First review of My Pet Serial Killer: “Seidlinger is the sickest of the fucks.”

HTML Giant published the first review of the book and the verdict is a wonderful 8.8 out of 10. Here are some of the spiciest lines from the review:

My Pet Serial Killer is an honest look at relationships.

Seidlinger is the sickest of the fucks.

Claire wants to watch over his performance. Elements of trust do not exist between them. Otherwise this situation would not exist. Sure she gives him what he needs (safe harbor, etc.) but the behavior is akin to that of a jealous member in a relationship going through texts, checking old emails (which she does) and in general keeping an eye on them (hers in a literal filming sense).

Seidlinger has created an amazingly twisted book where the gore serves as respite from the deep exploration of two truly fucked up individuals.

Thanks to that “Anonymous” reviewer that not only enjoyed the book but also gave it a wonderfully succinct review.

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