(Hot Stuff) “Confessions from a Dark Wood” by Eric Raymond

We are all probably in desperate need of a wake-up call if we are to believe that Eric Raymond’s novel, Confessions from a Dark Wood, is a work of fiction.

The global economy is a post-idea economy.

Long gone are the days of disparate marketplaces functioning concurrently. The world IS our marketplace. Commercialism is bordering now on religion. Overabundance requires studios, agencies, and firms, like LaBar Partners Limited, to define items in a sprawling marketplace of the indefinable.

Though the product might take on a tagline, title, and price-tag, it can no longer be “just a candy bar” or “just an energy drink.” It must be distinguishable. It must ensnarl our split-second attention spans.

In prose that hearkens to both Douglas Coupland and David Foster Wallace, Raymond defines the narrative arc around the impulsivity of high-life.

Read this book and realize that the more we try to speak of, and recommend, products, the more we are selling ourselves in hopes of being heard.

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